‘Royal’ candy makers fight war of succession

‘Royal’ candy makers fight war of succession
A king claims to be threatened by a prince in what has become a new legal battle royal between two Swedish candy companies.

Sweden’s dominant candy maker, Karamellkungen (“Candy King”), has filed a multi-million kronor lawsuit against its smaller rival Godisprinsen (“Sweet Prince”), reports the Pointlex news website.

In documents filed in Stockholm District Court, Karamellkungen claims that Godisprinsen’s marketing efforts are completely based on linking to, hinting at, and comparing itself with Karamellkungen, its operations, and products.

Godisprinsen is accused of improper and misleading marketing and trading on Karamellkungen’s reputation.

Karamellkungen is demanding 3.4 million kronor ($564,000) for the “systematic attack” to which the company believes it has been subjected by Godisprinsen.

In addition, Karamellkungen suggests that its competitor be banned from using the name Godisprinsen with the threat of fines totally 500,000 kronor.