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Gothenburg club and concert tips – May 16 – 18

Where to go out in Gothenburg this weekend? Monthly Magazine has the answers (Click links for more information)


Summer premiere for the backyard at Magnus & Magnus. Magnus (or Magnus) came up with the brilliant idea of starting a club in the courtyard in 200?. Ever since that first beam of sunlight hit our face in early spring, we have been waiting patiently for the day when Magnus (or Magnus) would open that magic door at the back and invite us to the perfect summer hangout. As sun sets and that tan of yours is starting to cool down, it’s time to hit the backyard for some electro tunes!

2000 lightyears from home

Feeling a bit homesick? This is the club for you! The organisers claim they want to make us remember our origins. Whether that derives from memories of the African continent or of outer space, we’ll leave unsaid. Their aim is to get everyone dancing and tempt potential guests with musical genres like funky folk, kraut pop and space grooves. Funky grooves and freaky beats for the masses! Count us in!

Universal Poplab

If you missed Universal Poplab last week at Storan, you’ll get a second chance tonight! The sound quality at Fängelse is supposedly so good that bands book this venue a year in advance. A concert with the hyped synthpop trio Universal Poplab basically means happiness, energy and a stage presence far out of the ordinary.

Baby Scratch

This Saturday, Kontiki opens early for all those anti-runners who want to enjoy a cold beer in the sun and watch the big sporting event of the year – the Göteborg half marathon. If you happen to be one of the runners, join in later and let the hip-hop beats keep your body in motion. Kontiki is just a moonwalk from Slottskogen, so get yourself a banana and a coffeshake, stretch your sore muscles and reload for an evening in Änggården.

Daevid Allen´s University of Errors

Daevid Allen was the founder of cult band Soft Machine in 1966 and Gong in 1968. Along with Pink Floyd, Soft Machine was one of the most influential bands in the English psychedelic scene of 1966-67. University of Errors’ music is rock with influences from psychedelia, space rock, punk rock and jazz. Stand by for a night of merriment, magic and amusement as Daevid Allen, University of Errors, and Here & Now descend on Frölunda Kulturhus.