Snow replaces May heatwave

Meteorological agency SMHI has issued a weather warning for central and northern Sweden, with heavy snowfalls forecast for Thursday night and Friday morning.

Snow replaces May heatwave

Motorists in the Jämtland, Härjedalen and Dalarna regions are strongly advised not to remove their winter tyres just yet despite last weekend’s brief heatwave.

“It’s possible there will be around 10 centimetres of snow in Härjedalen on Thursday night and the storm could then draw down towards Dalarna,” meteorologist Gunvor Wetterström told the TT news agency.

Though conditions are not expected to be particularly extreme, SMHI has issued a minor weather warning, urging visitors unused to snowy roads to exercise particular caution.

Temperatures on Friday are forecast to range from 6 degrees Celsius in northern and central parts to 17 degrees in Karlskrona in the south east of the country.