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Stockholm art gallery guide: May 16 – 22

Stockholm art gallery guide: May 16 - 22
Five weekend art gallery tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information).

Plastic Portrait:

In the exhibition Plastic Surgery, two sides of plastic surgery are portrayed. Using neutral backgrounds, the photographs are direct and unavoidable. You can see the women who have had plastic surgery on their faces and the men who have operated on them. Plastic Surgery invites you to a world full of empty looks and tight skin.

Substance and Emptiness:

Sirous Namazi’s art centres on emptiness. One of the series that constitutes the exhibition at Galerie Nordenhake is Untitled (Interiors), 7 photographs of a dark apartment. At first glance it reminds you of a monochrome oil painting but a room soon forms out of the emptiness. The exhibition at Hudiksvallsgatan focuses on minimalism, structures and social exclusion.

Lost Art:

Gustaf Furst’s second exhibition at Galleri Niklas Belenius is called “Lost Counter-Story. Neither man of science, nor man of faith”. It has its starting point in his fascination for the TV series Lost, where mystique is commercialized and glorified. The series also touches on man’s fear of being left in nature.

Lynchesque Installation:

Sonja Nilsson’s inauguration to Natalia Goldin Gallery presents a transitional phase between two mental states. She has dressed the room in red drapes like David Lynch to use his symbolism to indicate this passage. In the middle of room there is a chessboard. According to the rules of chess the weak pawn becomes a strong queen if it crosses the entire board. It is simultaneously the beginning and the end of something.

Graphic community

The Mia Sundberg Galleri presents the thematic group exhibition Positiv Frihet (’Positive Freedom’) with graphic methods as a common denominator. Some of the artists in this workshop are established graphic artists while others are more often associated with other media.