Kinky Swedish mums want more sex

Kinky Swedish mums want more sex
Swedish mums are a kinky lot and want far more sex than they are actually getting, according to a survey done by trendy mummy magazine Mama.

Contrary to popular belief, mums don’t just think about nappies, baby food and getting some sleep. They want more nookie and they want it now.

Apparently, 43 percent of mums under the age of 29 own a dildo and almost 28 percent of those questioned in the Mama survey have checked out online porn.

Having said that, 31 percent of those surveyed think their man’s freshly showered body is the greatest turn-on. Some mums would prefer a completely different man altogether: 7 percent of mums have been unfaithful after becoming mothers.

Back to the kinky stuff: 39 percent of the Swedish mums surveyed have had anal sex and 23 percent fantasize about other men or women during sexual intercourse. 37 percent of the younger mums (under age 29) have had lesbian fantasies. 2 percent have had group sex and 23 percent of mums under the age of 29 use handcuffs as part of sex play.

But the most telling statistic in the survey – though not exactly surprising – is that 60 percent of mums simply want more frequent sex. They would like to have sex at least once or twice a week but only 38 percent of them actually get it that often.

Many parents downsize sexual activities once they get kids but Swedish mums (and dads) are making an effort to combat this. 38 percent have even had sex whilst their baby slept in the same bed next to them.

Most mums can multitask in their sleep but find it difficult to find the time for sex. So it is no surprise that sex starved mums have turned to their diaries with 28 percent of Mama magazine readers actually block booking sex dates in their diaries.

Given that the Swedish calendar is organized according to week numbers, this is probably an excellent way to work out whether you are getting enough per year.

The Mama survey questioned 918 Mama readers in an internet survey carried out in co-operation with RAM (Research-and analysis of media).