Suspected hostage drama in Gothenburg

A suspected hostage drama is taking shape in Gothenburg after a woman called police to her apartment in the Hisingen area of the city on Saturday morning.

The woman managed to get out of the apartment by Friskväderstorget on Hisingen with a couple of her children to call the police. The children’s father remains in the apartment with the couple’s other two children.

Police quickly arrived on the scene on Saturday morning and there is some confusion over the exact nature of the situation.

Police negotiators are trying to get in contact with the father.

“We have negotiators in place who are trying to talk to the father. We don’t know what has happened or the exact nature of the situation. There has been some sort of relationship disagreement,” said Stefan Gustafsson to news agency at around 11am.

It is as yet unclear if any threats have been made.