Cheese thief caught on spike strips

A thief stole a truck laden with 10 tonnes of cheese on Sunday morning. He was arrested in Jönköping after police deployed spike strips to stop the vehicle. He is also suspected of attempting to kill a police officer.

Police received a call at around 3am from a member of the public that had seen a suspicious looking truck.

Police investigated the call and took up the chase with the cheese thief. They managed to stop the vehicle in Huskvarna.

“We stopped the truck by Huskvarna, but he tried to escape. We therefore put out spike strips in Jönköping. When he tried to escape he almost ran over a police officer, who luckily just managed to get out of the way,” said Veronica Fransson at Jönköping police.

“There is now 10 tonnes of cheese lying in a cooler in Jönköping waiting for its rightful owner,” added Veronica Fransson.