Criminology professor resigns over police ‘farce’

Criminologist Leif G W Persson has resigned his post with the National Police Board. After 25 years he says he is tired of the continual depletion of the national police force.

Leif G W Persson is known in Sweden as a high-profile commentator within crime and criminology. He is regularly interviewed for his, often outspoken and controversial, opinions in connection with any trial and crime of significance. He is also Sweden’s only professor within the field of police research.

In a column in the newspaper Expressen on Sunday Persson argues that far too great a proportion of resources is spent on central police authorities and bureaucracy.

“I do not intend to participate in this ridiculous farce any longer. I am going to send a letter to the government requesting alternative employment. There is no point in working here any longer,” said Persson to Expressen.

Persson’s resignation is not thought to be a direct response to the appointment of Bengt Svensson as the new national police commissioner, but he is sceptical of Svensson’s plans to focus on the National Investigation Department (Rikskriminalen).

“I will tomorrow clear my desk and try to find rhyme and reason in my professional life somewhere else,” wrote Persson.

Persson will in the near future spend his time completing a factual study book about serious violent crimes and assist Stockholm police with an upgrading of their computer system.