Police investigate sex slave claims

Police in Örebro are investigating a woman’s claims of being held imprisoned for several years during which time she was sold as a sex slave.

A week ago on Friday, an exhausted and emaciated woman entered the police station in Örebro in central Sweden.

The woman is in her thirties and originally from India.

“She explained how she had been somewhere against her will for a long time, though she didn’t know where, and that she had been taken advantage of, probably sexually,” said police spokesperson Torbjörn Carlson.

The woman couldn’t give an account of how she had made it to police.

She was extremely fatigued and was taken to hospital for care.

She has since been questioned in the presence of an interpreter.

So far, the woman has provided only scant information, but told investigators that she has been in Sweden several years.

According to information from the Nerikes Allehanda newspaper, the woman was imprisoned in an apartment in Örebro for three years and used as a prostitute.

“That’s nothing I can confirm. We have very few details about her story and her situation,” said Carlson.

The police currently have no suspects. But according to Carlson the police have no reason to doubt the woman’s story.

“As of now we don’t have anything other than her version and the details are sketchy. We plan to question her further in the week ahead,” he said.

The woman has left the hospital and been taken to “a secure location” where she is receiving support.

“We have just begun this investigation. What’s important is that this woman recovers from this situation and can start to talk to us. We have many questions that need answering in order to shed more light on this,” said Carlson.