‘That’s not me, a floozie with big boobs’

'That's not me, a floozie with big boobs'
Swedish athletics star Carolina Klüft has expressed her displeasure with arrangers Scottishathletics for combining her likeness with a caricature of Pippi Longstocking for a press conference promoting an upcoming competition.

“I don’t think that looks so nice. I have to be honest,” Klüft said on Monday following the unveiling of the image, which featured a video image of track star’s face superimposed on a drawing of a buxom athlete sporting blond pony-tails.

“That’s not me, a floozie with big boobs.”

Klüft’s comments came during a press conference put on by the arrangers of the Grangemouth athletics event to promote the July 1st competition.

The track star was speaking via a video link from Växjö, Sweden, and Scottishathletics had planned to have her video image projected through the Pippi-like cut out for the duration of the press conference, portions of which were released on the website of Scottish newspaper The Herald.

According to the The Herald, the image had been approved by Klüft’s father, but did apparently not meet with the approval of the 25-year-old long jumper.

“I don’t want to be a pain but I don’t feel comfortable with that picture,” she said.

Following the complaints, Scottishathletics chief executive Geoff Wightman agreed to remove Klüft’s video feed from the cut-out before the press conference proceeded.

The Grangemouth competition will come just weeks before the Beijing Olympics, where Klüft will compete in the long jump competition.

Earlier this year, Klüft surprised the sporting world when she announced she would not compete in the Olympic heptathlon, an event she in which she has dominated international competition since winning the World Championship gold medal in 2003.

Click here to see the press conference on The Herald’s website.