State pharmacy places trust in lust

Sweden’s state run pharmacy Apoteket is buzzing at the prospect of selling a new range of vibrators and other sex toys.

State pharmacy places trust in lust

On Tuesday Apoteket presented the new products, which are set to hit the stores on June 23rd. The ‘Trust in lust’ range includes a pink dildo, a clitoral vibrator, Ben Wa balls, a vibrator ring, three scented lubricants and some handy wipes specially designed to clean the products.

Anyone interested in buying the full range can expect to fork out 2,500 kronor ($412) for the pleasure.

Apoteket has justified the sale of its ‘Trust in lust’ range on the grounds that sex is good for its customers’ health.

“Sex is a natural part of our lives. We want to make it something decent, something which isn’t embarrassing” said Eva Fernvall, Apoteket’s product manager.

Customers wishing to buy sex toys are currently limited to the internet or specialist stores, which are only located in big cities.

Research carried out by RFSU, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, showed that approximately fifty percent of people between the ages of 20-45 own a sex toy. Seventy percent of people who did not own a sex toy said they would consider buying one.

“Sexual activity is important for a person’s wellbeing and health. The most important thing is that these toys are of good quality and are safe. All pharmacy staff have already been educated in this area and will be able to inform customers”, Katarina Knutz managing director of RFSU AB, told The Local.

“There are people who are against this move but they are a minority. The majority of our customers have been very positive”, said Eva Fernvall.

There will be no age limit on any of the sex toys.

“These products will attract mainly older people. Besides, these products are too expensive for very young children. If someone who is very young tries to buy sex toys then we will have a talk with them at the checkout but we cannot stop them from purchasing anything”, Fernvall told The Local.

According to RFSU, over 200 stores have already showed an interest in stocking the new line. But to begin with the products will only be available in 100 selected stores.