Politician held in money laundering scandal

A local politician from Stockholm has been taken into custody in Falun in central Sweden on suspicions of helping a motorcycle gang launder money.

The politician’s son, who works in the financial sector in Stockholm, is suspected of being involved in the same affair, according to the newspaper Metro.

The politician, in his 70s, is said to have an important position. According to the suspicions, he has laundered illicit funds for the Red Devils motorcycle gang, which has strong ties to the Hells Angels.

The money is thought to have come from activities in the building and transportation sectors.

“We can say that the money laundering has taken place in Stockholm and the income from under-the-table employment has come from the whole of Sweden,” said public prosecutor Martin Tidén from the National Economic Crimes Bureau to Metro.

The suspicions against the politician include gross bookkeeping crime.

Several other members of the motorcycle gang have also been remanded in custody.