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Gothenburg club and concert tips – May 22 – 24

Where to go out in Gothenburg this weekend? Monthly Magazine has the answers (Click links for more information)


On Friday night the theatre Storan will transform itself into one, big synth party. Synthklubben invites you to old and new synth pop, electro, new romantic and experimental electronica. Here people take the 80s seriously. Expect black outfits, panda eyes and slick ponytails. Tonight the band Thermostatic are celebrating the release of their record “Humanizer”.


If you thought Gothenburg didn’t have any decent scene for techno music, keep reading. Hatet is a pure techno club housed at the ever trendy Uppåt framåt. Here the electronic music will make your knees weak, set the speakers on fire and have your body dripping with sweat from all the jumping around. Dj’s are: Dimitrios K and Joachim Nordvall.

Culture festival

On Saturday the first ever culture festival in Härlanda will be held at the cultural venue Kulturhuset Kåken! It will be an “All day – in the name of culture – festival” Great live bands, a handicraft market, dance performances, art, video screenings, magazines and much more. All for free!

I Love Pustervik

Prepare for a very special night at Pustervik this Saturday! The great Pustervik clubs: Locus, Woody west, Soulastatic, Slippery People and Scratch are throwing a joint party. The music will be as diverse as the clubs. House, hip hop, pop, country, northern soul and much more.

Super rock

On Sunday it is the grand premiere for a new rock club in town. Once a month the club Super rock will be the hangout for all the rockers in town. For the opening night there will be both Swedish and international acts on stage. Among others, the Swedish hardcore and metal band Backyard Babies.