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Stockholm club and concert guide: May 22 – 28

Weekend club and concert tips for Stockholm from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Terrace joy

Time for lift off: Premier at Fredsgatan, the terrass is open. Barbeques and cocktails, music mash and warm embraces. Elitism and populism in a weird yet pleasant mix. Isn’t it about to say that summer is here?

Techno justice

It’s an electronic big beat metal attack. Stress and big crosses. Justice get behing the decks at Sturecompagniet. It will be a war of sorts but it will also be fantastic. We’re so glad Paris returned to us so quickly.

New era

There’s something almost mystical about the Gothenburg club Ny Tid Ny Strid. We don’t know what they’re trying to get at with their pretty posters and exciting bookings, but whatever it is, it’s a stroke of genius. Come along to the Sugar Bar hear Muxika 77, Fé and Miriam Pemberton.

Soul song

Jake OH has a silky voice, is generally referred to a the next soul hope and has already the charts with the song Reason to Live. Make sure you get to see him play alongside Krazy Fiesta before he gets too cool for Stockholm.

The best of Berlin

Maybe you won’t believe us but we have it from a very reliable source that Ellen Alien was the person responsible a few years ago for getting Stockholm indie crowds to make the switch to techno. This Friday she’s back.

Living history

Airwaves have outdone themselves by booking in Faust (!!!) to play at Friday’s kraut festival at Kägelbanan. We could just as well be in West Germany circa 1984.