Top Social Democrat open to coalition

Marita Ulvskog, party secretary for the Social Democrats, has said she believes her party will form a coalition government with the Green Party and the Left Party if the current opposition wins the 2010 election.

“We haven’t made any formal decisions,” she told newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. “But I would imagine that’s what will happen the way things currently look in the Swedish parliament.”

Ulvskog added that she did not view as realistic the Green Party’s wish to leave the Left out of an eventual coalition.

“I don’t see it as an alternative. We cooperarte with two other parties; for us it is natural to maintain this cooperation,” she said.

A majority of the Social Democrats’ regional branches have previously come out in favour of a three-party coalition with the Greens and the Left. Party leader Mona Sahlin has however said she would prefer to wait before reaching a decision.