Nathalie: still no trace

Nathalie: still no trace
Photo: Polisen
Fears mount as 20-year-old Nathalie Johansen is still missing one week after disappearing in Alingsås, western Sweden.

Johansen left the home she shared with her live-in boyfriend without her wallet, mobile phone, or keys on Thursday May 15th. There has been no trace of her since and no tips from the public as to her whereabouts.

The police have conducted searches by land, sea and air. The search continues on Friday by boat on lake Gerdsken with a specially trained sniffer dog.

Members of the public continue to call in regarding the young woman’s disappearance but none of the calls have led anywhere. One caller claimed to have seen the woman walking along the road towards Borås.

However, according to police spokesman Mats Axelsson, this wouldn’t be possible timewise.

“We have timed how long it takes to walk there from her apartment. She wouldn’t have made it there”, Axelsson told TT.

Various searches have been conducted by helicopter and with dogs. A local orienteering club conducted a search party in the forest. The police have combed the area where the woman lives, all to no avail.