Billionaire Abramovich docks in Stockholm

Billionaire Abramovich docks in Stockholm
Russian billionaire and Chelsea football team owner Roman Abramovich docked his stupendous yacht Pelorus in Stockholm city centre on Thursday morning, business news site Affärsvärlden reports.

At 115 metres long and weighing 5,500 tons Pelorus is one of the world’s largest and most luxurious yachts and a real stunner amongst the regular boat fare in Stockholm.

Abramovich owns three further yachts but he is building a fifth one which is to be called Eclipse. At 155 metres, Eclipse is going to be the magnate’s biggest boat, complete with double helipads, missile GPS systems and a mini u-boat.

According to Stockholm city’s harbour agency, the yacht is due to stay until Sunday.

With Wednesday’s Champions League final defeat still very much fresh in the memory, perhaps Abramovich is planning to distract himself and make the most of Stockholm’s nightlife instead.