Teen fined for online porn pic

A 15-year-old boy has been sentenced to pay a 7,000 kronor ($1,186) fine for putting a pornographic picture on a social networking page belonging to his then 14-year-old former girlfriend.

Knowing the password to his girlfriend Hanna’s Lunarstorm page, the teenager uploaded a pornographic picture of a naked woman without her knowledge. He even manipulated the picture to make its content more explicit.

“He posted a picture of a hairy woman with spread legs and wrote that it was me. He wrote a caption saying: `if you show your cock you will get candy´,” Hanna told Sveriges Radio.

When Hanna discovered her boyfriend was behind the embarrassing picture, she reported him and took the matter to court.

Emma-Lena Wennerberg at the Swedish Association for Victim Support in Gävle, eastern Sweden, told the Arbetarbladet newspaper that there has been an incredible rise in similar online offences. However, most of them are not reported to the police and do not reach court.

According to Wennerberg, it is difficult to punish online offences of this type as it is difficult to prove who was actually sitting at the PC.

Wennerberg helps many young girls who find themselves the victim of online sexual harassment.

“Those affected like this feel terrible. Whatever is on the net can be seen by so many and rumours mount quickly”.

She recommends that people should report similar crimes to the police, which few actually do.

Hanna communicated via the Swedish Association for Victim Support that she is pleased with the verdict.