Poll: Reinfeldt more capable than Sahlin

Fredrik Reinfeldt is more capable than Mona Sahlin of leading a government, a new voter poll shows. Sahlin is the favoured dinner companion however.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is backed by 54.8 percent of voters as the most capable person to lead a government, according to an April poll by Skop, up from 53.4 percent in March. Social Democratic party leader Mona Sahlin is considered more capable by 45.2 percent, down from 47.6 percent in March.

Reinfeldt has established a clear 9.6 percentage point lead, up 4.8 points since March.

Sahlin can take solace however from the fact that 55.6 percent of respondents would rather have her company at a party while 44.4 percent favoured Reinfeldt.

The prime minister has therefore made gains in the popularity stakes since the previous poll in March with the gap cut from 17.7 to 11.2 percentage points.

The poll also indicates that Sahlin is a more popular dinner guest Alliance party voters that Reinfeldt is among the voters backing parties in the left bloc.

Skop interviewed 1,000 Swedish voters aged between the ages of 18 and 84-years-old between April 15th and May 7th 2008.