Ferry boat captains call off strike

The Swedish Ship Officers' Association (SSOA) has called off its labour dispute after reaching an agreement with the Almega employers association.

Ferry boat captains call off strike

The 27 vessels affected by the strike will resume normal service on Sunday and visitors to the archipelagos outside of Stockholm and Gothenburg can breathe a sigh of relief.

The parties to the conflict, the Swedish Ship Officers’ Association (SSOA) and Almega, accepted an offer negotiated by mediators on Saturday.

“We are not satisfied, but the alternative would have been worse,” said Hans Ronnerstam, an Almega negotiator to news agency TT.

The new agreement is a short term deal stretching over 15 months and giving ferry captains an average pay rise of 4.3 percent.

The ferry boat captains strike affected 27 vessels that ply the harbours and islands that line the coasts off Stockholm and Gothenburg.

On Monday, the union gave notice to the Styrsöbolaget ferry company in Gothenburg that a strike and blockade of overtime work would take effect on May 29th if the conflict were not resolved. These measures will now be avoided following the agreement.