Sweden pledges aid to Burma cyclone victims

Sweden will provide 74 million kronor ($12.6 million) in additional emergency aid to cyclone-ravaged Myanmar, the foreign ministry said on Sunday.

Swedish Minister for International Development and Cooperation, Gunilla Carlsson pledged the additional funds at an international donor conference that ended in Yangon on Sunday, according to a ministry statement.

“The Swedish contribution is an important part of the global, international commitment. This, along with aid offers from other countries, is an expression of the strong support there is for the victims in Myanmar,” Carlsson said.

Sweden had previously pledged 16 million kronor in aid for the victims of Cyclone Nargis, which devastated Myanmar, previously known as Burma, at the beginning of May.

The Swedish aid money is to be used for medicine, health care, agricultural aid, and to improve access to clean water, the statement said.

According to the latest official toll, some 133,000 people were dead or missing as a result of Cyclone Nargis, and aid agencies estimate that 2.4 million others were severely affected by the storm.