Female runners pestered by exercising exhibitionist

A number of women in the western Swedish town of Borås have been harassed recently by an unwanted workout partner.

On several occasions, a naked man has suddenly leapt out from behind the shrubbery lining an area jogging path, surprising unsuspecting female joggers, reports the Borås Tidningen (BT) newspaper.

Most recently the man, thought to be around 25-years-old, emerged from the woods, startling a 43-year-old woman.

The naked jogger then proceeded to run alongside the woman for an extended period of time, only to disappear back into the woods.

The man remained silent and did not attempt to physically assault the woman in any way.

“But she thought it was very uncomfortable and vulgar,” Sture Thorstensson of the Borås police said to BT.

Police have received a total of three complaints about the man, who is usually completely naked, but was reported to be wearing a stocking cap on one occasion.