Sweden favours electric cars over ethanol

The government has changed its strategy for green cars, deciding that electric is better than ethanol.

Those who purchase an electric car may receive 20,000 kronor ($3,400) in government supports, compared with the current 10,000 available for people who buy other classes of environmentally friendly cars that run on biofuels.

“We can’t see that we as a nation would ever come to regret being a pioneer when it comes to electric cars,” said Lars Leijonborg, minister for research and head of the government’s Globalization Council, to Sveriges Radio.

The proposal comes in a report to be presented by the government body on Wednesday.

And Leijonborg explained why the Council wants to give those who purchase electric cars a larger subsidy by saying that “an extra large carrot” is needed.

Earlier, environment minister Andreas Carlgren had stressed that the government is neutral in its stance toward different green car technologies, reported Sveriges Radio.