Chocolate penis craving lands man in court

Chocolate penis craving lands man in court
Photo: Stephanie Chan
A 28-year-old man is headed to court after being unable to control a strange urge that overcame him while visiting a condom shop in Gothenburg with his fiancee last November.

As he was strolling through the store, the man became so enamoured with a chocolate penis and a Playboy bunny that he decided to stuff both in his pocket and exit the store without paying.

“I lost my head. I even had money with me. I don’t know why I took the stuff,” the 28-year-old said to the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper.

The man had thought of giving the items to his fiancee as a present until he was caught with the chocolate penis protruding from his back pocket.

During questioning the man admitted to taking the dildo delicacy, but initially denied snatching the bunny.

Had the man come clean and pleaded guilty to stealing both items, which have a combined value of 148 kronor ($25), he could have resolved the matter by simply paying a fine.

Instead, the man’s lie has landed him in court, where he will once again be asked to explain why he attempted to pilfer the chocolate penis.