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Stockholm club and concert guide: May 29 – 31

Stockholm club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Gangsta pop

Say what you want about bellowing macho men with white cloth shoes. Embassy is one of Sweden’s best bands, despite their annoying fans. Holiday starts things off with the best from Sweden’s west coast tonight.

Turkish synthesizers

Young cultural elite from the global metropolis of Istanbul come to Stockholm on a visit which should entice many to book a trip to this city to the east. The electronic duo Kim Ki O has been hyped by Jens Lekman and does its first show in Sweden on Saturday.

Warning shot

Glasgow-based Belle and Sebastian, one of the world’s most influential pop bands, pays a visit to Lång-Kalle, Niklas, Sverrir, Teet and Terry in the DJ-booth at Indierave. Maybe singer Stuart Murdoch’s well-known voice will be heard all the way to the dance floor on Saturday.

Garden delight

It’s going down again this year. Outside, inside, the grill, the water by night, plastic cups, a grassy lawn, La Vida- Locash , Eros Video, Indie, Tough Alliance, TV-games, a summer party. Trädgården (The Garden) premieres this weekend for its seventh season.

Honey party

Hummelhonung is Maria Andersson and Josephine Forsmans summer club. Only pop hits: from Bay City Rollers to Ronsnie Spector; ABBA’s Summer Night City to tones of the hot songs from Love Affair. A perfect start to the weekend, every Thursday at Spymlan

Remix hysteria

Jesse Rose’s hefty remixes wrap around the originals in sometimes bold, sometimes funky capsules which fall apart piece by piece and spread ethereal colours across the sky. Now he’s coming to Esque!

Big band hip hop

Söder’s hottest hip hop club Yes! has called in Söder’s hottest rappers. But with a twist, of course. Hoffmaestro & Chraa strike up the big band sound and accompany Petter through the night.