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Stockholm art gallery guide: May 30 – June 5

Stockholm art gallery and exhibition tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Black art

Moderna Musset (the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art) opens the second big installation of its 50th anniversary year. With a focus on art inspired by the irrational and unknown the art in the Eclipse installation is a clear marker of the 21st century’s tendencies in a dark time. Participating artists include Nathalie Djurberg, Paul McCarthy, Michaël Borremans and Dana Schutz.

Art college graduates

Twenty-nine students are set to graduate from the Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH)! With a masters degree in the liberal arts from KKH (nicknamed Mejan), the students are set for an exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts (Konstakademien). The distinguished address is packed with paintings, video, sculptures, photography, and a whole lotta talent.

Chaotic characters

With his third special exhibition at the Loyal, American artist Eddie Martinez is a veteran of the Stockholm art scene. With fifteen new paintings, he fortifies his personal style as the portrayer of human chaos. Martinez’s images are overflowing with information and refer as much to art history as they do to the present

Konstfack final exams

The Private Gallery is filled this week with students from Konstfack (the University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design). After three years of study, students from eight different institutes put their work on display as a part of their final exam. Finally we get to see what has been brewing at Sweden’s largest college of art and design. The entire collection is a soulful combination on display in the small secret space at Kronobergsgatan 37.

Clay stories

The season’s last exhibit at the Inger Molin Gallery is Stories from the Fire, with ceramicist Christine Östergren. Her large layer of clay hides a puzzling interior and a saga-like mystique. Östergren is fascinated by the strong tradition of storytelling as a way to transfer knowledge. From mouth to mouth, stories are shared between listeners around the fire.