Youth leader child rape scandal widens

The child rape scandal surrounding a youth club leader in the central Swedish town of Västerås continues to grow.

The 42-year-old man is now suspected of six additional attacks on underage boys.

Public prosecutor Carin Lantorp issued a detention order on Thursday for six new cases of sexual assault, including sexual molestation, reports the TT news agency.

The man is the head of a sports association in Västerås and has coached under-aged boys in football. He has been in custody on suspicions of raping a child.

The new crimes of which the man is suspected have been carried out against children in Örebro and Västerås, and in Germany.

“The suspicions concern the assault of six new under-aged boys, and several of them were subjected to assault on several occasions. The assaults have taken place both inside and outside,” said Lantorp.

A detention hearing will likely be held in Västmanland District Court on Thursday morning.

The prosecutor wouldn’t exclude the possibility that the scope of the man’s criminality could expand further.

The man has been questioned several times about the suspicions, and continues to deny them.