Swede arrested for attempted child rape in Kenya

Kenyan police have arrested a Swedish man in his 50s accused of the attempted rape ofa 7-year-old girl.

The Swede, who is resident in Kenya, allegedly tried to rape the girl on May 8th in south west Kenya, writes local newspaper Daily Nation.

The man has denied all charges and is currently awaiting release following a court trial last Friday in the city of Nakuru.

Andre Mkandawire, press spokesperson at Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told The Local that the only information they have now is that the man is due to be released on bail any time now.

A new trial date is set for July 17th.

Ecpat Sverige fights against the use of children in the sex trade and estimates that around 15,000 children are involved in underage sex trade activities in Kenya.

Ecpat’s David Lagerlöf told TT that it is not clear whether this is the first Swede involved in the organized sex trade of minors or an isolated case of attempted rape.

“Children are more vulnerable in crisis situations. This was obvious after the tsunami and in many restless places around the world,” he said.

Whilst it is unclear whether the man’s passport has been confiscated, his lawyer has promised he will not leave the country. However, once on bail, he will have the opportunity to request new travel documents.

Lagerlöf told TT that the man could then travel to Sweden.

“Swedes have the right to temporary passports even if they are suspected criminals.”

A similar case involved a 66-year-old Swede who raped a 13-year-old boy while on holiday in Thailand in 1993. The man was released upon bail and returned to Sweden where he was arrested and sentenced for sex crimes against minors.