Swedish geriatric care in shambles

Government investigator Thorbjörn Larsson's report uncovers shocking evidence that Sweden treats its aged as mere bodies, not worthy of any integrity, soul or interests of their own.

Swedish geriatric care in shambles

Larsson’s report is a wake-up call about the state of geriatric care and draws attention to the “frightening incongruity on emotional issues”.

“Geriatric care is organized for the most part based on stereotypes, or in my eyes misguided perceptions of about aging and old age,” Larsson writes in an debate article for newspaper Dagens Nyheter published on Friday.

Larsson suggests the creation of a “dignity guarantee”, a national set of values for geriatric care. The guarantee would call for a life of integrity, with the possibility to make one’s own choices adapted to individual needs, as well as good quality care.

Larsson believes that the efforts should be tailored to the individual’s needs, not according to the municiaplity’s range of services.

“If the Alliance government can agree to this starting point as a base, and create a national standard of values that gives individuals the power to keep their individuality, then we can guarantee dignity for our aged population,” writes Larsson.