Cleaning company in sex ring cover up

Stockholm police have arrested two men for helping to run a prostitute ring under the guise of a cleaning company.

Advertising its “domestic services at a good price”, the so-called household company really sold sex.

According to the Metro newspaper, the two men worked as chauffeurs and drove prostitutes in a couple of hired cars to various assignments.

The “personal services” rendered at destination were mainly carried out by women from Romania.

Posing as attractive “cleaners” on an internet site, the women were farmed out to hundreds of city apartments and villas in the Stockholm area.

Actual services were allegedly of the sexual rather than the cleaning variety, but the women’s chauffeurs deny any criminal activity.

While one of them did admit to driving the women, he claimed he believed they were genuine cleaning ladies.

According to Metro, the scheme appears to have been masterminded from Romania.