Prince claims his first points in Carrerra Cup

Prince Carl Phillip has secured his first points in the Porsche Carrerra Cup. The prince came 11th and gained five points after a race in Karlskoga on Saturday.

“I had hoped to be able to claim a point sometime during the season, but that it should happen this early was not something I had counted on,” said the prince to news agency TT.

The Prince completed the first of two weekend races at Gelleråsen in Karlskoga in 12th place but was upgraded one place on a technicality as he had been overtaken while the safety car sign was illuminated.

The prince’s car will have number 11 in Sunday’s race as a result of his finish on Saturday.

King Carl Gustaf was in Karlskoga to watch his son.

“This is great for my son, he has great potential and now the initial nervousness has eased,” he said to TT.

Prince Carl Phillip began his new career in racing at Gelleråsen in April. His stated ambition for his racing debut at Knutstorp in Skåne was to reach the finishing line. With his first points in the bag the prince was feeling slightly more confident before Sunday’s race although did not expect to improve on his performance from Saturday.

The Porsche Carrerra Cup opened in Knutstorp on the weekend of April 19th-20th. Further race weekends have taken place at Mantorp and now Karlskoga. The competition will continue to Gothenburg, Sturup, Falkenberg and in Våler in Norway before concluding back at Mantorp on the 27th-28th September.


Fortified wine to prevent spread of swine flu: Church of Sweden

A number of Swedish churches have decided to serve fortified wine during communion in hopes of reducing the risk of spreading swine flu, according to several media reports.

Fortified wine to prevent spread of swine flu: Church of Sweden

Church authorities hope that fortified wine will provide better protection than light or alcohol-free wine against the spread of swine flu when the communion cup is passed around.

Karlskoga church in central Sweden has decided to reintroduce fortified wine and the issue is also being debated among parishes in Piteå in northern Sweden.

“We will have a vicars meeting where we will discuss this issue. Everything points to the fact that we will decide to reintroduce fortified wine during communion,” dean Stieg Berggren told Piteå-Tidningen newspaper.

The question of whether or not to serve fortified wine remains a local one.

“At the national level, we haven’t made any recommendations about fortified wine,” Stefan Håkansson, press secretary at the offices of the Church of Sweden, told TT news agency.

Several churches have recommended that visitors shouldn’t partake of communion at all to prevent the spread of swine flu.