Swede risks double jeopardy for German heist

The 32-year-old Swedish man suspected of involvement in a spectacular bank robbery in Berlin in 1995 doesn’t want to be extradited to Sweden since he’s already been convicted and served his sentence for the crime in Lebanon.

According to the newspaper Expressen, the man was arrested in Lebanon in October of 1995 and sentenced at the time to three years in prison.

But head prosecutor Ulf Forsberg said that the man can be handed over to German authorities to stand trial a second time.

“Special rules apply in cases like this. If you’ve been sentenced outside of the EU, it’s possible to do this. That’s what I’ve been able to ascertain,” said Forsberg to the newspaper.

The 32-year-old was arrested on Monday after German authorities issued a European arrest warrant for the man.

The man is believed to have been part of a gang which carried out a remarkable bank robbery, in which the robbers took hostages and then escaped through an underground tunnel.

According to Michael Grunwald, spokesperson for the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin, the 32-year-old is suspected of having helped dig the 170 metre long tunnel.

The man’s custody hearing is to take place on Wednesday afternoon in Karlskroga District Court.