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Stockholm club and concert guide: June 6 – 8

Stockholm club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Dance elite:

Music elitist or simply hopped up on new songs? It’s Only Noise tries the feat of playing music you seldom hear out. See Patrik Crotty, Eddie Åhgren, and Milène Larsson dig out the most obscure things they can find, in the White Bar every Friday, but premiering tomorrow.

Summer feelings:

Warm beer and live music in the sun! Trädgården offers the concert experience of the year on select Saturday afternoons. This weekend hear Loney, Dear, Idiot Kid, Parken, Dag För Dag, Thomas Denver Jonsson and the beautiful Exploding Heart. Tonnes of lively music, totally free!

House routine:

Alf Tumble leads Heya Nights at Berns. It’s like one of the definitive signs of quality for good house. A sure thing for lively, first-rate music with lots of filters.

Pop for the crazy:

Nada Goes Live under extra-special circumstances. An evening to honour during which that much-talked-about Malmö band Le bataillon des fous takes the stage at Söders softest bar. Paul from the British Isles stands behind the DJ-table before and after. It looks to be a fantastic little Sunday event.

David, oh David:

David Roiseux plays record in way that really breaks with convention. Now he’s got the whole night to himself at SpyBar, five hours of roaringly good, dancy untz untz.

La Bamba on the veranda:

Miguel La Bamba, Multikulti-DJ Magnus, and loads of other DJs at Sodra Bar at Mosebacke and its now open veranda. A fantastic view and the world wide future of music.