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Stockholm art gallery guide: June 6 – 12

Stockholm art gallery and exhibition tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Decadence and cigars:

On National Day it’s time for a new opening at Detroit. With an installation filled of videos, drawings, and texts, Kristoffer Grip’s work is on display with the long and narrow and cigar smoking character Lord Bennet. Who creates what between the two has long been unclear, though their characters are part of a nearly symbiotic relationship.

Ragnar drawings:

Ragnar Persson takes over both rooms for the exhibition Ride The Lightning. The Jonas Kleerup Gallery will be filled with drawing, screen prints, wall paintings, sketches, and videos with the characteristic Persson style. There is hard rock, teenage feelings, birds, forest, and the crucifix in all their illustrated grandeur. Most of all, it’s time that Stockholm was invited to enjoy a true Ragnar Persson collection.

Works of amber:

Handicrafts are celebrated in the summer with a joint Russian-Swedish exhibition put together by Åsa Lockner and Anna Livén West. “Amber and what to do with it” presents a new generation of work with a focus on amber. In November 2007 five Russian and five Swedes artists met for a six day workshop. With four kilos of amber to work with, the mossy material is set for a renaissance.

The public’s choice:

Moderna Musset (the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art) celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2008 with the opening of a small, brilliant arrangement. With Pontus Hultén’s Showroom, visitors can choose themselves which painting will be shown with the help of a two story tall screening system.

Canadian visitor:

Candyland on Gotlandsgatan invites the Canadian artist Krisdy Shindler for a guest appearance. With her intensive painting she has created three works specifically for the exhibition “Listening To Silent Propaganda”.