Neo-Nazi arrests on National Day

Over 100 neo-Nazis were arrested by police as National Day celebrations turned violent in Stockholm on Friday.

Running battles were fought between fascist and anti-fascist extremists throughout the day as neo-Nazi groups led by the National Socialist Front (NSF) marched in Stockholm to celebrate National Day.

114 NSF and Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR) members were arrested soon after the completion of their “People’s March” at around 6pm by Filmhuset on Gärdet. 200 neo-Nazis remained in the area for a meeting and police intervened when they began chanting “Sieg Heil” and making Hitler salutes.

The 114 were arrested on suspicion of racial agitation. Most of those arrested were released later on Friday evening but 20 were held overnight for continued questioning.

“Each case will be looked at individually. It will be done continuously,” said Ulf Göranzon for Stockholm police.

Göranzon was unable to recall a previous mass arrest of such a large group for racial agitation.

“This is not an every day event, thank God,” he said.

The march had been tightly chaperoned by police during the day as the anti-facist group Afa had assembled a large counter-demonstration.

Clashes between the groups continued throughout the evening and several cars were set alight in Fruängen in the south-west of the city.

Clashes occurred between extremists in other Swedish cities on Friday.

40-50 people armed with iron bars and other assorted weapons clashed by Backaplan in Gothenburg. Nine anti-fascists were arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.