Drunken officer drove with bottle of Jägermeister in his lap

A police officer from Umeå in northern Sweden has been indicted on suspicion of driving while heavily intoxicated after being stopped with an open bottle of Jägermeister in his lap.

Drunken officer drove with bottle of Jägermeister in his lap

The man was driving his wife home following a night of revelry during which he had consumed a litre of wine and 3 shots of whiskey, reported the Västerbottens-Kuriren newspaper.

On the ride home, the two began to quarrel and the off-duty officer’s wife demanded to get out of the car.

He continued to the Systembolaget liquor store where he decided to drown his frustration by purchasing the Jägermeister and six litres of wine.

After seeing the vehicle weaving through traffic and roll up onto the sidewalk several times, two passengers from another car noticed the driver was falling asleep as the car was stopped at a traffic light.

They approached the car and managed to take away the officer’s keys before calling police.

A breathalyzer test taken by the police man revealed his blood alcohol was 0.252 percent.

The limit for drunk driving is 0.02 percent, while anything over a 0.1 percent is enough to be charged with serious drunk driving.