Motorcycle gang suspected in daring bank scheme

Eight residents from Skåne in southern Sweden are suspected of gross fraud worth 6 million kronor ($1 million) and attempted fraud against Swedbank and Kristianstads Sparbank.

Several of the suspects have ties to the Bandidos motorcycle gang, according to a police investigation.

A further twelve people may also be involved in the caper in some way.

Police discovered the scheme during a raid on the Bandidos in January, reports the newspaper Metro.

The public prosecutor is planning to launch legal proceedings next week against the eight who are suspected for gross fraud which was committed last summer.

The suspects are believed to have obtained bank customers’ personal identity numbers, account numbers, and telephone banking codes.

Using the information, the men are suspected of having transferred money to other accounts through bank branch staff or via the telephone.

Participants known as “goalkeepers” are suspected of having put the accounts at the disposal of the others, and in so doing facilitated the carrying out of the fraud.

The goalkeepers are said to have taken the money from the original accounts and are suspected of receiving stolen goods for their contribution to the crime.