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Stockholm club and concert guide: June 13 – 14

Stockholm club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Raw confusion

Summer Fridays at Riche belong to Jes Jacobson and Kool DJ Dust. Stop by Riche, sip on a Martini Bianco & Tonic and mingle to everything from skwee to electro.

Club chaos

Ace challenges Stsh who in turn challenges Fight Club at Riddarkällaren. Dance to trend-electro and lovers’ pop brought to you by guests and residents.

Mutato dance

Hug-bomb, nuh linga, socacore, trancehall. Mapei, Carli and Jexpert play mutated dance music and show off some dance steps you didn’t think were physically possible at the premiere of summer club Hug on Saturday.

Up and coming

Poor Hultsfred. Luger and Live Nation have come along with a dangerous competitor to prove that festivals can work just as well in the capital as in Småland. Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and Dinosaur Jr will be kept company by Sweden’s rock royalty in the form of Sahara Hotnights, Mando Diao and The Hives on two stages at Stora Skuggan on Saturday. Rock on!

Concluding mayhem

The first season since Grodan’s return to the scene has been a resounding success. Le Choix, Groad Presents and many others have given us some of the year’s best parties. Before they shut down for the summer they’ll have one last party with a small army of fantastic DJs.

Latino Thailand

You can find the Thailand boat down at the end of Östgötagatan. On Saturday Miguel La Bamba and Diva are set to hop aboard for a fantastically chaotic evening of live timbale, soca, reggaeton and everything else you just have to dance to.


Bruce Leenus and Nasty Nate are as experience as DJs as they are fantastic. Debaser Slusser has done the right thing by giving them a slot every Tuesday evening for the rest of the summer. Drum machines, soul and house in a well-balanced mix.