Teacher suspended for taping 3-year-old’s mouth shut

A teacher has been reported to police for taping a boisterous 3-year-old boy’s mouth shut at a pre-school in Lund in southern Sweden.

When the child didn’t heed the teacher’s warning to be quiet, the man first placed ordinary tape over the 3-year-old’s mouth, reports the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

When the child managed to remove the tape, the teacher then fetched some electrical tape which he fastened so completely to the boy’s mouth that he was forced to use a scissors to remove it.

The man was placed on leave when school officials learned what had happened. But after a 30 day suspension, he was back on the job, despite being reported to the police.

Even the parents of the taped child thought that the teacher could return to work.

“We gave him a written warning and the parents still have confidence in him,” said the school’s principal.

The man has admitted to the incident, which will likely be classified as molestation.