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Gothenburg club and concert tips – June 13 – 19

Where to go out in Gothenburg this weekend? Monthly Magazine has the answers (Click links for more information)

Clandestino Festival 2008

The highlight this weekend is the fantastic Clandestino festival! After living a somewhat nomadic life, this year’s Clandestino Festival will be concentrated to one single location – Storan. The festival will feature (deep breath): singer-song writing, hip hop, submarine pop, thumb piano-electronica, industrial dancehall, dub step, tropicália, bashment, nu skool nyabinghi, ngoni blues, roots reggae, neoflamenco, broken word, soca, breaks, grime, afro beat, etc. More than 70 artists will be arriving from cities such as Bamako, New York, Kingston, Lyon, Kinshasa, Barcelona, Tokyo, San Francisco and Bollnäs. This you can’t miss!

Nina Ramsby & Ludvig Berghe Trio

Nina Ramsby with Ludvig Berghe Trio. Jazz that resounds with pure love and beautiful tunes. Ludvig Berghe Trio are known for their energizing live act and musical skills. Their mix of traditional American jazz and Nordic romantic harmonies will make a perfect soundtrack for a light midsummer night.

Club Radio London

Sweden versa Spain at Kontiki tonight. Watch the game on the outdoor terrace and then keep the fighting spirit up by hitting the dance floor for a live battle between the two nationalities in the DJ booth. Who will win the glory of the dance floor? – Johanna from the club Flipside in Malmö or Spaniard Edu Lazaro? We are not sure but a safe bet is that there will be rock, garage, pop, beat and psych in the speakers.

No Good Club

The booking agency “No good recordings” are throwing a party at the underground venue Underjorden! A perfect place for a full night of true indie. The organizers say that it will be like a midsummer night’s dream. Well, as long as it is anything like a romantic comedy, we’re in! Get on the tram to Gamlestan pronto!

Richard Bona with Gerald Toto and Lokua Kanza

Richard Bona is back with a new band for two gigs at Nefertiti! Bona plays West-African rhythms and vocal harmonies with the roots of pop, jazz, soul and American R & B. Can’t help but citing Los Angeles Times comment about Bona: “Imagine an artist with Jaco Pastorious’s virtuosity, George Benson’s vocal fluidity, Joao Gilberto’s sense of song and harmony, all mixed up with African culture. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Richard Bona!”