Relative of Sweden’s king sued over faked gay affair

Gerard Bernadotte, the so-called “fake” Swedish prince, is being sued by Lufthansa airlines for over 940,000 kronor ($15,4500).

He is accused of allegedly faking a gay relationship with two Lufthansa flight attendants in order to qualify for reduced airfares, reports the Expressen newspaper.

On Tuesday Gerard Bernadotte appeared in a Hamburg court, accused of faking a serious relationship in exchange for cheap air fares, which Lufthansa offers to staff’s spouses and life partners.

The 50-year-old denied all charges of fraud and claimed to have had sex with his air attendant boyfriend every which way, “from behind and from the front”.

Apparently, the couple had a dirty weekend in Bangkok last Christmas and according to Bernadotte, there were several witnesses there who can prove they are a couple.

A Lufthansa spokesman told Expressen newspaper that they didn’t wish to comment on any details regarding the case during legal proceedings.

This isn’t the first time the so-called “prince” has been in trouble. He has previously been sentenced for bank fraud.

Gerard Bernadotte has been a controversial figure ever since he was adopted by the Swedish King’s second cousin Jan Bernadotte, who is only 13 years older than his adopted son.

Since the adoption, Jan Bernadotte has since fallen out of favor with his father, the King’s cousin, is more or less banned from Court. Speaking to Expressen newspaper back in 2004, Jan Bernadotte voiced his regret over the adoption and said that Gerard Bernadotte “should absolutely not call himself a Swedish prince.”

So far the royal family has not taken any steps to right the matter in court, but sources claim that they are very upset about the “fake” prince’s activities.

Speaking to Expressen newspaper the Court’s information officer Åsa Gunnarsson said that the Court currently had no plans to take legal action against Gerard Bernadotte.

The Lufthansa trial continues in August.