Investigation into Iraqi agent murder suspect dropped

The police investigation into a 57-year-old man suspected of killing a former Iraqi agent in Stockholm in 1985 has been closed.

“The reason is that the crime can’t be proven. The investigation continues, however, into the woman for whom an arrest warrant has been issued,” said head prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand to the TT news agency.

The previously suspected man was released from custody in January. Police believe that the woman—who according to her fake Lebanese passport is named Jamila al-Shafej—was used as bait for the former intelligence agent Majid Hussein.

He was lured to a student apartment in Stockholm where he was murdered.

Hussein’s body was found several months later chopped into 48 pieces and stuffed into two suitcases, which turned up in Grödinge, near Södertälje, south of Stockholm.