Princess admits to kissing a frog

Princess Victoria amused onlookers in Bohuslän in western Sweden on Friday by admitting to having kissed a frog to see if it would turn into a prince.

The princess was in Bohuslän to open a new wetlands area at Nordens ark.

As part of the opening ceremony the princess inaugurated a sculpture of a frog by the artist Pål Svensson. Svensson then presented a miniature of the sculpture to the princess and asked what would happen if a princess were to kiss a frog.

“It would remain only a frog, believe me, I’ve tried,” said the princess laughing.

Nordens ark is home to 42 animal species which are threatened with extinction. This figure will increase as work continues to save more endangered species.

Environmental debater Stefan Edman led the inauguration ceremony and used his speech to point out that the frog has been around for 350 million years but has never been more in danger than at the present.

“Frogs live in hope every day. But of the 6,000 species at least a third are at risk of extinction, to a great extent due to the human being. We have to save the frog.” Edman said in his speech.

2008 has been declared the year of the frog.