Midsummer holiday ‘could be a washout’

Midsummer Day is just five days away and already most Swedes are anxiously checking out the weather prognosis. And it isn't good so far. It is rainy.

Midsummer holiday 'could be a washout'

According to SMHI, the Swedish meteorological agency, the prognosis for Midsummer Day won’t be completely clear before Wednesday this week.

Speaking to Expressen newspaper, Sten Laurin of SMHI pointed out that it was impossible to say for sure how the weather will turn out as it seems that both sun and rain are on the cards.

But the question is when and where exactly. “We do not know if the rain will come during the day or at night. We cannot say for sure right now.”

Midsummer Day – and evening – centres on what is arguably the biggest and most Swedish of all public celebrations in the country.

Dancing around the maypole in showery weather does spoil the party somewhat, no matter how many shots of spirit have been imbibed. So the weather is highly anticipated and much discussed in the days prior to Midsummer Day.

According to SMHI’s five day weather forecast, Stockholm will reach a max of 18 degrees and Malmö a max of 16 degrees on Midsummer Day. Few places in Sweden will reach more than 20 degrees.