Woman fined for playing car stereo at full blast

A 21-year-old woman has been fined 800 kronor ($132) for driving through Linköping city centre with her car stereo on max in the small hours.

When Jenny Waller drove through the sleepy town in south-central Sweden last August, she managed to incur the wrath of the locals by playing Swedish rocker Eddie Meduza at full blast.

Linköping district court judged her guilty of disorderly conduct and has duly fined the young woman.

Waller and a friend were driving through the quiet town with the windows rolled down when Waller was stopped by police. Apparently they had been called by a number of irate inhabitants complaining about their interrupted sleep.

Waller concedes that she and her passenger played loud music. However, she claims that she was too busy actually driving the car, so she shouldn’t be held responsible for disturbing the peace.