Path clear for world’s biggest elk

Path clear for world's biggest elk
Politicians in northern Sweden have finally given the all-clear for the construction on the top of a mountain of the world's largest elk, newspaper Piteå-Tidningen reports.

Stoorn – The Big One – has had to negotiate a bureaucratic minefield since the idea was first mooted more than three years ago.

But health and safety officials in Arvidsjaur have finally given permission to build the front half of the wooden animal on their side of the border. Officials in Skellefteå already agreed late last year to house the hind quarters of the 45-metre (148-foot) beast.

Construction of the gigantic elk, or moose as the animal is known in north America, is expected to cost somewhere in the region of 60 million ($10 million) kronor and will begin this autumn.

If all goes according to plan, the majestic ‘king of the forest’ will be ready to welcome its first guests in two years’ time.

Perched on top of Vithatten mountain, the elk will double as a restaurant and concert hall with seating for up to 350 guests. From its antlers, more than 500 metres above sea level, visitors will be able to enjoy the spectacular view over the valleys below.

Stoorn will be be positioned to bite on an enormous pine tree. A lift will then transport visitors through the tree to and from the creature’s mouth. The reception area is to be located between the teeth and the tonsils.

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