Chance DNA test nabs serial rapist after 10 years

A 46-year-old father of four has been arrested and charged with 11 counts of rape and attempted rape for the period between 1995 and 2005. The alleged attacks took place in the Gothenburg area.

The man was initially arrested in Borås, western Sweden, for alleged offences involving narcotics. However, routine DNA samples taken connected him to a series of unresolved rapes in the Gothenburg area.

According to the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper, the rape spree started in north eastern Gothenburg in 1995, when a man struck three times.

The masked man usually broke into his single victims’ apartments through open windows or balcony doors. Up until 1999 eight women were raped by what the police believed to be the same perpetrator.

After that the rapes mysteriously stopped until 2005, for the simple reason that the man was actually put behind bars in Oslo, Norway in October 2003. Amongst other offences, the man had been sentenced to three years for rape.

He was released on parole in October 2004, but was never placed under any suspicion for the Gothenburg serial rapes. The man resumed his rape spree in 2005.

The man denies the allegations. He is to be questioned on Wednesday afternoon.