Forgotten on the toilet for 10 hours

An elderly woman was forgotten on the toilet for 10 hours by staff at her old people's home in Katrineholm, 160 km west of Stockholm.

Staff at the woman’s home were having so much fun at a barbecue party they threw on Saturday, that they forgot all about the woman.

At around 7pm, staff helped the woman go to the toilet, but then forgot all about her. Once staff went home at 9pm, the woman was alone and helpless.

She was finally attended to at 5am on Sunday.

The home’s director told Katrineholms-Kurir newspaper that Saturday evening was an unusual one, as routines were changed and all the elderly inhabitants were up much later than usual.

The Swedish care system for the aged is currently under review. A survey in May by government investigator Thorbjörn Larsson uncovered shocking evidence that Sweden treats its aged as “mere bodies, not worthy of any integrity, soul or interests of their own.”

The woman does not appear to have suffered any direct injuries from her long stay on the toilet.

An investigation is underway.