Rape suspect soldier sacked

The National Service Administration (Pliktverket) has dismissed a conscript suspected of raping his female colleague at a military base in Skövde in western Sweden.

Camilla Broberg, a spokesperson at the base, told TT that the suspect is to leave all his equipment before Midsummer Day. The 20-year-old man had been relieved of his duties since the rape was reported to police in May.

The rape is reported to have taken place on the night of May 9th after the man returned to base, following a night out on the town.

The woman reported the rape to the police a few days later but the district court decided not to remand him in custody. He remains under suspicion for rape, though not for the more serious charge of aggravated rape.

According to chief prosecutor Lena Medelius, it will take a while before a final indictment is decided.