Officials investigate deportee’s torture death

Officials investigate deportee's torture death
The Swedish Migration Board is to start an investigation as to whether a young Libyan they deported was subsequently tortured to death in the North African country.

Oskar Ekblad, a divisional manager at the Migration Board, told The Local that although there were currently “no facts to support the claims”, it is “impossible not to investigate” the case thoroughly.

“This type of case has happened before, although it is extremely rare, and it is almost always impossible to corroborate.”

The Migration Board is taking the case very seriously and investigating its validity.

Speaking to The Local, Ekblad stressed that the tragic case went to the “heart of the matter” of what the Migration Board strives to do, namely to “protect those who may face this type of treatment” upon returning to their homeland.

News of the alleged torture killing is said to have come through legal organizations in Libya and a Libyan human rights association. So far, the Migration Board has only received a small piece of information on email.

However, in an interview with Expressen newspaper, Ekblad said that “if the information we received is true, then we may be forced to change our procedures”.

The man first entered Sweden in 2005.

One of the man’s friends from Umeå says that he has spoken with the young man’s relatives. They were apparently contacted on May 22nd by Libyan authorities and requested to collect the man’s corpse in Libya.